Thursday, February 14, 2013

TEFL / TESOL Jobs and Opportunites

We have a new page here on our blog aimed at providing leads for qualified English teachers who are looking for work internationally. Check out the "TEFL / TESOL Jobs and Opportunities"  tab above, to view our current list of recommended recruiters and schools. 

The list is by no means exhaustive and we will be adding to it and updating it on a regular basis, with the eventual hope that it will become a great resource for English teachers who are looking for work overseas. If you have suggestions for reliable recruiters or good teaching opportunities out there, please send them through to us for inclusion.

School outing  - Taiwan (photo courtesy of Steven Clegg)

To find out more about becoming a TEFL/TESOL qualified teacher, visit this page for a summary of the courses we offer, or request a call back through the enquiry form on the website.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013 Update

Well, having had a ridiculously busy year during 2012 (where we failed to keep the blog updated!), we have resolved to make 2013 The Year of the Blog at The Knowledge Workshop, so here goes...

The year has started well with the new term seeing English language students join us from far and wide. We are also just coming to the end of our first TEFL/TESOL teacher training course for the year. The trainees are now engaged with their practical training, where they attend The Knowledge Workshop every day and work in the classroom observing and assisting our teachers, before getting the chance to lead classes of their own. The classes that the trainee teachers provide are an important part of teacher training but they are also a real bonus to our English language students as these extra classes are free(!) to our registered students. We also offer these classes at a special subsidised rate to anyone wanting to try out TKW for a couple of weeks.

While all that is going on, we're making preparations to launch our new computer literacy course. This new course is aimed at equipping even the most devoted technophobe with the skills to operate a computer. The course has been developed exclusively by The Knowledge Workshop and aims to equip anyone with the insight needed to use and manage a computer effectively. We have a hunch that this course might be popular with the older generation, but people from all backgrounds and ages are welcome. If you are interested or want to refer someone, please send us a message through the website or give us a call: 021 687 9225