Friday, June 21, 2013

Culture Day at The Knowledge Workshop

“Rain, Rain, go away come again another day...” 
Kimchi, explained

But the rain did not go away, nor did the cold for most of last week. And so, as the Cape of Storms once again lived up to its infamous epithet, TKW was cooking up a storm of a different kind…

South Korean and Arabic traditional dress
We were in for a jam-packed week at TKW – a new group of fresh faced TEFL trainees were in attendance, ready to sink their teeth into the real meat of EFL teaching, and with chilly conditions forecast for the whole week, food and culture was decided upon as a theme to see us through to Friday, just to spice things up. (By the way, as you read this, see how many food idioms you can spot).

The South Korean corner

The trainees and students were put through their (idiomatic) paces, and before long Culture Day was upon us. Food being the order of the day, students and teachers went the whole hog and brought everything from soup to nuts to the banquet table. Melt in your mouth treats from Congo (DRC), France, South Korea, Greece, South Africa and Great Britain were enjoyed by all, proving once again that variety is indeed the spice of life!

France, represented by a scrumptious cheesecake

In a nutshell, we learned, we laughed, we ate. And in the words of Marcus Tullius Cicero, “Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body.” Some food for thought, I think.

Tucking in
We wish our latest TEFL graduates the best of luck as they set off on their teaching adventures to far-flung places. May they have many fulfilling teaching moments, so they can bring home the bacon J

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