Tuesday, July 2, 2013

That’s how we Bowl!

They say bowling is a sport for people who have talent to spare, so when Friday Fun Day once again rolled around, we decided to foster a little healthy competitive spirit between our gifted pre-intermediate and upper-intermediate students.   The challenge: two games of ten-pin bowling to find out what they’re made of.
The Bowlers
The day started with an instructional video and a quick vocabulary lesson before being whisked off to the bowling alley via a speedy train ride to Let’s Go Bowling in Claremont. Once our two team names were decided it was game on.

The Cassava’s comprised Paupette Sterling, Erick Bondo and teacher, Jesse Jooste, joined by former upper-intermediate student, Prince Kamb. Playing for The Bowlers were aspiring TEFL teacher, Jamie-Lee James, Patrick Rozay (a.k.a. Patcho) and head teacher, Jacques Engelbrecht.  
After slipping into our nifty, new pairs of studded bowling socks (yes, they've done away with the smelly bowling shoes!) both teams were amped to leave no pin standing.

Morale was high and after the first round, even the gutter-ball gurus amongst us were in fine form having knocked over at least a few pins to add to the tally. 
The Cassavas

Patcho scored two strikes for his team, putting his team in the lead early in the game, while novice-bowler, Prince, did his team proud by bowling a total of five fantastic strikes! By the end of the second round, it was neck-and-neck, but it was none other than Jamie-Lee who saved the day for The Bowlers by bowling two strikes in a row! The Bowlers finished with a final score of 456 points to the Cassava’s 422, proving that it’s not about how you bowl…but how you roll!

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