Saturday, November 21, 2009

Create space, help build a library!

The Knowledge Workshop - Language & Skills Centre

Donate your unwanted books to our book project. Be they old textbooks, reference texts, biographies, pulp fiction or otherwise. We have been gathering donations over the last year and have greatly assisted Ikamvalethu Secondary School in Langa in starting a library.

Where there were empty shelves, there is now a reading area with a fair assortment of books - largely thanks to a massive donation we received from the National Library of South Africa, but with some credit due to Quantum Publishers and independent donors.

Despite attempting to attract interest from many sources, donations from businesses are few and far between. Further donations are needed to improve the library at Ikamvalethu, which is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many schools, especially in poverty-stricken areas, where the students are hungry for knowledge, but the shelves are bare. We nominate such schools, alongside Ikamavalethu, as beneficiaries of your unwanted books.

The Knowledge Workshop - Language & Skills CentreWe urge you, if you are in such a position, to think about how you or your company could benefit schools that need help. Are you aware of books going to waste or being pulped due to lack of space? Or maybe you know of books that are no longer required, out of date or presumed totally uninteresting. We accept all books and then channel them to the most appropriate cause - sometimes the pulp mill!

If you want to donate books, from a handful to a truckload, give us a shout and we'll make arrangements to collect. Full credit will be given for any substantial donation, which could, of course, have positive PR/media spin-off!

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