Saturday, November 21, 2009

TEFL Opportunities - New Horizons

The Knowledge Workshop - Language & Skills CentreFor those who wish to teach English overseas, there is a host of opportunities opening up globally. South Africa is increasingly recognised as an English speaking nation. More than ever before, South Africans armed with a TEFL certificate and a degree are finding jobs, more easily in more countries. Teachers who have done our course are currently based on every continent and an increasing number of countries are willing to employ TEFL teachers who do not have a degree.

The Middle East, Africa, China and South America are fast-growing destinations for teachers, with countries such as Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Dubai fast gaining popularity.

Some teachers choose to bypass placement agencies and research job opportunities for themselves. The internet is invaluable when it comes to finding jobs internationally and many schools can be found who are actively recruiting teachers. However, many teachers choose to use a placement agency for their first international appointment. This offers guidance and a support structure, taking some of the stress out of temporarily relocating one's life overseas. There are a number of agents in South Africa who place teachers in an ever-increasing number of countries. Visit our links page to see details of our placement partners.

The Knowledge Workshop - Language & Skills CentreAt The Knowledge Workshop, we work hand in hand with a number of placement agencies, specialising in their geographical area. We differ from our competitors in than we focus on the teaching aspect and do not take any fees for putting students in touch with job opportunities. We offer advice on a diverse range of opportunities, whilst vetting agents to ensure that the newly qualified teacher gets a good deal. We can also provide the independent teacher-traveller with many suggestions of places to look for work. We receive no commission from agents or schools and instead work only with credible agents, who in return, refer students to us. With this arrangement we have a truly objective approach. After training, our students become friends rather than clients! This approach also leaves us free to concentrate on training and support.

Finally, to mention our support initiative for teachers, heading off into the deep blue yonder, we encourage all of our past students to keep in touch, to help us stay informed of current dynamics and trends in the industry. We have devised The Knowledge Bank - a collection of teaching resources - with lesson plans and activities available to download. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and invite past graduates to send us their lesson plans, ideas and classroom anecdotes. These are then made available on our website for anyone to make use of.

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