Saturday, November 21, 2009

Emerging Opportunities

The Knowledge Workshop - Language & Skills CentreAside from the established destinations for TEFL teachers there are many other countries welcoming native English speakers to assist with language acquisition. For some of these countries, a degree is not seen as an essential qualification. Knowledgeable teachers backed up with only a TEFL certificate and 50-100 hours of experience can now gain meaningful employment in a large number of cities worldwide.

Good examples of countries recruiting based on merit rather than qualifications are Turkey, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Angola, DRC and probably many other African countries, but in Africa we are only just starting to scratch the surface of a huge continent of possibility.

The Knowledge Workshop - Language & Skills CentreRates of pay, visa requirements and working conditions vary dramatically in these countries, with countries like Brazil offering a wonderful experience but since the rates of pay are marginally higher than the cost of living - you won't get-rich-quick! Turkey's rates of pay are quite reasonable and the cost of living quite low, but as a visitor to the region you are likely to want to spend your spare cash on trips around the country or possibly a Turkish carpet!

As these are emerging destinations it is advisable to do plenty of research. There are number of websites catering to EFL teachers, some of which have forums where you can read about the experiences of others or ask for advice. A good starting point is Dave's ESL Café, but essentially your imagination is the limit when it comes to finding work.

If you require further advice on where TEFL could take you, please contact us.

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